We are a well renowned Manufacturer & Supplier of Lightweight Concrete Block in the industry. We are engaged into manufacturing Lightweight Concrete Block. These blocks are made with foam air bubbles, which are added into a Flyash-cement mixture. The bubbles have been created with Foam Generator. The proportionate addition of Foam into Cement, Flyash / Lightweight Waste Material, and Water leads to manufacturing of high quality Lightweight Concrete Blocks. Depending upon the thermal conductivity, strength, density and longevity, these Lightweight Concrete Blocks can be made in different grades.

We specialize in offering following grades -

  • • Lightweight block
  • • Semi Lightweight block

Advantages :

  • » Ease of workability
  • » Good Sound Insulation
  • » Reduction of dead load
  • » Fire protection

Sizes :

  • • 600MMx200MMx225MM Weight approx 25 KG
  • • 600MM x 200MMx200MM Weight approx 20 KG
  • • 600MM x200MM x150MM Weight approx 15 KG
  • • 600MM x200MM x100 MM Weight approx 10 KG