Anybody can install Domestic Bio Waste Treatment Plants These plants can treat all bio waste including waste water in households and Biogas, a very good cooking fuel is produced. This helps to prevent the tendency to throw the waste materials in roads and public places and from polluting the environment. Generation of cooking gas at house hold level helps to overcome fuel crisis to a great extent. The easily biodegradable waste material mixed with waste water from the kitchen is fed into the plant through the inlet chamber of the plant. This waste is converted into cooking gas with the help of a special type of anaerobic bacteria. The main component of the gas produced is methane which is a renewable source of energy. These plants also produce slurry along with Biogas and this can be used as a liquid fertilizer for gardening purpose. Effective utilization of these plants can be helpful in taking back the money invested within 2 years. The space required for this plant is very less and can be installed on roof-top or anywhere near the house. If the plants are installed where the sunlight falls more these plants yield more biogas. The space required for a 0.5 cum plant is less than one square meter. Time required for the installation is 2- 4 hours, depending upon the model of the plant. The gas generated from the waste of a family of 3 members is sufficient enough to work a single burner stove for more than 1 hour every day.